Sport and Recreation Industry Pathways - SARIP


A clever way to prepare young people for the sport and recreation industry using integrated and applied curriculum, targeted work experience and input by those wanting to recruit.

  • SARIP links young people to where the jobs are in sport and recreation
  • SARIP provides focused education in schools followed by specific vocational training in the further and higher education sectors
  • SARIP provides young people with the employability skills

For Young People

If you are a young person and thinking about a career in sport and recreation industry then this is for you!

Your school not only offers vocational courses in sport and recreation, but they have also ensured that the curriculum in many other subjects is linked to sport and recreation themes.

For example, if you want to do VCE Biology, you will be able to investigate active transport (glucose in small intestine) and surface area to volume ratio (lungs) through the eyes of a sports person. How are these two things vital in sports performance?

In participating in the SARIP program, you will be able to gain:

  • Access to elite sport programs run by the participating schools
  • Exposure to state of the art tertiary learning environments including the world class facilities of the Victoria University –Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL)
  • Quality work placement and industry immersion
  • Targeted career advice
  • A guaranteed pathway to tertiary studies at Victoria University
  • Access to an ATAR score and Australia wide university applications

To participate in SARIP you complete either the VCE or Senior VCAL with a sequence of studies that includes:

  • Mathematics/Numeracy
  • English/Literacy
  • Industry training (Certificate III in Sport & Recreation)
  • Complementary subjects (that reinforce the theme or extend an area of interest)

Students must also undertake relevant practical experience in the sport and recreation industry.

SARIP is open to students in elite athlete programs and to students interested in coaching, management, support and research roles in the industry. The program is designed to provide the flexibility needed to meet the needs of individual students and to prepare them for a diverse range of career pathways after school.

For Employers

SARIP will provide you with young people who are intensely keen on working in the sport and recreation industry. These students are not only interested in the industry but have already gained skills important to your workplace such as 1ST AID. Others will have completed aquatics qualifications.

Talent Community can provide you with a FREE online recruitment tool.

For teachers
SARIP will provide you with

  • access to sport specific curriculum across a wide range of VCE studies
  • support to develop relationships with leading researchers in sport and exercise science
  • assistance to develop a quality work placement and industry immersion program

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